The long-awaited Marvel Studios movie will be directed by Matt Shakman

This year has been full of rumors and speculation and even various theories about the future of some Marvel Studios movies. Although phase 5 and 6 of the MCU are already planned, there are still many aspects that remain a mystery. One of them is to know who will be the actors who will get into the costumes of The Fantastic Four.

For a couple of months it has been expected that Disney will reveal who will give life to Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), The Invisible Woman (Susan Storm), Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and The Thing (Benjamin Grimm). First it was believed that during the San Diego Comic-Con last year this information would be known, but it did not happen. Later, it was expected that new news of this expected film would be given at the Disney D23 event, but it did not happen either.

Now it is the Puck site, who has given details about the film. The outlet explained that the reason why the names of the actors have not been announced is because the company is currently in the middle of the casting process to determine who the next superheroes will be, with the plan for the production to premiere in 2025. He explained that perhaps in the coming weeks when the auditions are over, new details will be available.

In 2015 a new remake was carried out and it was a box office and critical failure. (20th Century Studios)

The Fantastic Four is one of the most anticipated projects for fans, but also one of the most important for the CEO of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. According to the site, the executive is very interested in reviving this title, after the disappointing previous versions of these heroes on the big screen. The most recent in 2015 with Miles Teller, ‎Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell in the main roles.

Matt Shakman will be in charge of this new remake, this after the filmmaker earned the respect of comic book fans with his work on WandaVision. Originally, the director of the Spider-Man movies, Jon Watts, was involved with the project, but he had to leave to helm another anticipated Disney+ and Star Wars TV series, Skeleton Crew.

Although there is a long time to see the first advances for The Fantastic Four, it seems that the film will be one of the most ambitious projects of Marvel Studios. In addition, some media have pointed out that there is a possibility that the film presents one of the company’s most iconic villains, Victor van Doom. Initially it was said that he would appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but ultimately this did not happen.

The Fantastic Four tape – still without an official title – is one of the most anticipated UCM since Disney made the purchase of Fox (the film company that previously had the rights to the franchise). Confirmation of its development came in December 2020 during Disney Investor Day, but almost a year and a half later, there are still not many details about its progress.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the characters have been made into movies three times. The first was in 1994, but it was never officially released on the big screen. In 2005, they returned to the world of bigger-budget movies and starred Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis and Julian McMahon. This saga was extended by one more installment that did not achieve very positive reviews either, but it did perform well at the box office.

Before this long-awaited movie arrives, you can enjoy Fantastic Four (2015), available on Disney+.

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