Medusa Widowmaker Skin – Overwatch 2 is presenting a new Battle For Olympus event that takes the theme of Greek mythology. This event also features several cool new skins such as Minotaur (Reinhardt), Medusa (Widowmaker), Poseidon (Ramattra), Hades (Pharah), Zeus (Junker Queen), Cyclops (Roadhog), Hermes (Lucio), and some other cosmetics.

However, of the many new skins, there is one skin that gamers consider problematic, namely Widowmaker’s Medusa skin. This skin is so bad that even players who use this skin are more vulnerable to losing. Why so?

Fans Complain Overwatch 2’s Medusa Widowmaker Skin is too noisy

medusa widowmaker skin

Widowmaker’s Medusa skin is considered pay-to-lose

It turns out that according to a Twitter user named Kephrii, this Medusa skin is very noisy and makes it unable to hear the sound of enemy footsteps. Not only that, we also can’t hide because Medusa’s hair keeps sizzling and tells our position to the enemy.

In fact, sound like that doesn’t really matter if the character is a tank or even someone who is at the forefront. However, the Widowmaker character herself acts as a sniper who of course needs to hide from the enemy in order to do damage.

Widowmaker has low resistance and is prone to being eliminated if approached by enemies. So the sound of this Medusa skin can be said to be a weakness. However, some players even dismissed this reason and said the hissing sound was not that influential because the character himself often spoke in the game.

Overwatch 2 is a success but lots of Bug complaints

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

For the time being, Blizzard has not provided a patch regarding this matter, but it is possible that if more and more people protest, the developer will update the sound of the skin.

Kiriko is the new hero right after the release of OW2

Kiriko is the new hero right after the release of OW2

Although this shooter game from Blizzard is quite successful, it also features strange bugs that are beyond reason. Starting from the Sombra glitch entering the payload, to the new hero Kiriko who can block headshots by looking up. If you have found any bugs in Overwatch 2, do let us know in the comments!

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