Facebook gets a makeover: goodbye to Watch for videos and welcome to premium editing tools

Users get more Reel editing features and can comment on Instagram posts without switching apps

A new Facebook update announced by Meta allows users to group all video content, including Reels, short videos, live and long-form broadcasts from the same app tab, as well as making it easier to create this content with better editing features.

The app reported that it has begun rolling out a new version of a its “Reels” tab, which will be renamed “Video” with the intention of improving the exploration of content on Facebook.

“It’s now easier to search for videos on popular topics and trends,” the social network’s support page assures.

Video editing

Facebook updates its Video tab and improves content editing tools.

Facebook updates its Video tab and improves content editing tools. (Goal)

Since Facebook allows the creation of content in various formats such as Reels, it has launched an easier creation and editing tool for content creators to not only spend more time on the platform, but to give them tools to produce more, such as editing and incorporating sounds, voiceovers, music, among other functions.

Regarding the audio experience, Facebook has incorporated a sound mixing feature that could reduce the registration of background noise that may have fitltrar in the original recording.

The current video editing allows manipulation of content through segments organized in different timelines.

One of the additional new features that will be seen in this new version of Facebook is that the application said it will begin to support HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos that offer a higher video resolution, improves the lighting of the image and is only accepted by devices capable of emitting images in 4K quality.

Popular videos and trends on Facebook

As part of the new features of the Video tab on Facebook, users will be able to see that all types of video content will be grouped into different sections for smoother navigation. Regardless of the format, each video will automatically play once it is displayed on the device’s screen.

Although the tab was previously called Facebook Watch and later Reels to concentrate all efforts on disseminating this new short format in the application, the change to “Video” seeks to generalize these publications and group them under a category with different formats.

While the long-form videos will only need to be scrolled down, to view the Reels you will have to click on one of them in the established section.

In addition, instead of the videos being displayed only as if it were a home page, the section will also offer additional tabs to manage the content and view only what is interesting.

With the redesign of the Videos section, one of the additional changes made was the enhancement of the “Explore” section which can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen once the “Video” tab has been accessed.

The search will automatically display relevant content and suggest interesting videos based on previous interactions within the platform.

In addition, Facebook will allow users to comment on Instagram Reels that are recommended on Facebook, without having to switch apps.

To do so, users will need to add their Facebook and Instagram accounts to the Account Center.

The launch of this Facebook update is gradual, so if a user cannot access it, he/she will have to wait a few days to enjoy its benefits.

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