According to Facebook vice president Tom Alison, Meta has a research group at its disposal that is dedicated to conducting high-value studies.

With the increase in popularity of tools and platforms that use artificial intelligence technology to perform various tasks, some generative models such as DALL-E2, ChatGPT, Stable Difussion, among others, have been incorporated into the systems of other platforms to enhance and streamline their use by people.

In the case of Meta, which has created basic models of artificial intelligences that can institute videos from text, this technology is being studied but has not yet been actively implemented, although there are plans to make it available to users in the future.

According to Facebook VP Tom Alison, Meta has at its disposal a research group that is dedicated to conducting high-value studies on the technology behind artificial intelligence and that “they have been developing models like ChatGPT and have even conducted research that goes beyond that. We have published what they have been doing on our blog, so we are actively doing research. We will be developing our own models as part of our journey,” she said.

Alison also assured that Meta’s main goal is not to integrate a new service for users without first thinking about how the new technology can serve people in a simple way. “That’s not easy because we have to serve more than 2 billion people when we launch this artificial intelligence and that requires new data centers, more investment in its use and other things.”

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