Fabio Melanitto, the singer who was murdered in cold blood in Mexico City, would be 35 years old.

A dangerous relationship, a shot fired at point blank range and the case file that so far has had no further information that could lead to the person responsible.

This February 3, Fabio Melanitto would have turned 35 years old. The singer who became famous in the group Uff! And who was the husband of actress Ivonne Montero, was shot dead on August 15, 2018.

Melanitto would have been dating a married woman (Photo: Instagram / @fabiomelanitto)

Melanitto would have been dating a married woman (Photo: Instagram / @fabiomelanitto)

Fabio Melanitto Atterrato reached fame at the hand of the Venezuelan boy band in the late 1990s and his death shocked hundreds of young people who followed the life of the also actor.

The members of the group show their affection every year, such as Rawy, who commented: “His departure will never cease to hurt and there will be no consolation that will be worth for his family. Today my words go to his family and daughter, whom I keep in my prayers”.

Melanito dreamed of stepping on stage again alongside the group Uff! as in late July 2018, he posted a message on his Twitter account in which he talked about the reunion plans of the band, which was dissolved in 2003 by mutual agreement with their record label.

“… The plans for the reunion tour are still in effect. Several of us in the group have the will to make it happen and we are doing everything we can to make our dream of reuniting come true,” the singer wrote at the time.

In his last publication, which was on August 6, he invited his fans to a meeting with him in Puebla. The event was the latest in a tour Melanitto was doing in Mexico, as according to the singer, he always enjoyed the contact with people and talking to his fans about everyday life.

Until today, there has been no progress in the investigations, there is only what there is, an apparent victim of crime who may have been a victim of revenge.

The murder of the Venezuelan singer outside his home in Mexico City unleashed different theories at the time, after the first investigations ranging from a revenge of a jealous husband to a possible debt.

The singer was shot three times in the head and twice in the back after arguing with his killer, who blocks ahead boarded a car that was spotted in the dangerous neighborhood of Tepito, according to police reports.

“He was outside the house where he was raped in the company of a lady, a man arrived with a .40 caliber firearm and shot him in the face,” explained the then head of the Homicide Prosecutor’s Office of the capital, Roberto Aguas.

The first versions pointed to an attempted robbery, however, the aggressor did not take anything, not even the motorcycle that was suspected to have been the problem.

Fabio Melanitto and Ivonne Montero were married for only a couple of years and had a daughter named Antonella. The union ended on bad terms and the actress constantly accused the singer of not taking care of the girl, who was born with an anomaly in her heart and a cyst in her nose, and whom she only saw once.

“God keep you”, was the farewell of Ivonne and her daughter after the singer’s murder. However, she has not indicated if she will accept to claim the body or will help her family financially to travel to Mexico.

Up to now, almost two years have passed since the murder and it is not known where the woman who accompanied him is, not even up to now has she given any statement of what happened.

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