Will Evan Peters star in the remake of A Clockwork Orange? Here’s what we know

Rumors claim that Warner Bros. plans to remake ‘A Clockwork Orange’ with Evan Peters in the lead role.

Social networks are abuzz after a rumor went viral that Warner Bros. is working on a remake of ‘A Clockwork Orange’, the controversial 1971 film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick starring Malcolm McDowell and based on the 1962 novel of the same name, written by Anthony Burgess.

According to information circulating on the Internet, which La Verdad Noticias brings to you, the production and distribution company has chosen Evan Peters to play Alex DeLarge, the juvenile delinquent leader of a gang that loves Beethoven’s music, sex, drugs and ultra-violence.

However, we recommend you not to get your hopes up because this news turned out to be a rumor invented by the site Halloween Year Round as part of the April Fools’ Day prank that was celebrated on April 1st in the United States. So far there are no plans to bring back the most controversial film in the history of cinema.

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Evan Peters and his resemblance to Alex DeLarge

Evan Peters bears a strong resemblance to Malcolm McDowell, who brings Alex DeLarge to life.

There’s no denying that Evan Peters bears a strong resemblance to Malcolm McDowell, who brings Alex DeLarge to life.

Although the rumor has been discarded, fans consider Evan Peters to be the best option to star in a remake of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ due to his physical resemblance to Malcolm McDowell and his experience giving life to murderous psychopaths in the series ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Dahmer: A Murderer’s Tale’.

However, there are also cybernauts who consider the idea of remaking Stanley Kubrick’s film a real sacrilege, because they have made new versions of emblematic films that have not been to the liking of movie fans.

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Where to see ‘A Clockwork Orange’?

A Clockwork Orange’ is available on HBO Max but in order to enjoy the movie you need to have a subscription to the platform. The film can also be rented or purchased on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Claro Video, Google Play Movies and YouTube.

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