Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, nicknamed “The Body” for her slender figure, turns 59 today, March 29.

Married for the second time to the French fashion photographer, Gilles Bensimon, and mother of two boys, ages 25 and 20, the result of her first marriage to businessman Jeffrey Soffer, the native of Killara continues to boast an enviable silhouette.

Her diet, like that of other celebrities, is one that arouses the most curiosity. In this sense, we have something to tell you.

Elle Macpherson

The secrets of eternal youth from Elle Macpherson’s nutritionist

Mark Hyman is the nutritionist followed by celebrities like Demi Moore or Elle Macpherson. He is the author of 15 New York Times bestsellers, a family physician, and an international leader in the field of functional medicine.

On his networks, he offers his almost two and a half million virtual followers daily important advice for leading a healthy life. Recently, in fact, he has made public what he defines as “secrets of eternal youth.” We describe each of them below and tell you how the Australian model puts them into practice.

Live longer to live… worse?

Mark Hyman champions the idea that increasing life expectancy and health is not just about treating ailments and conditions, but about building resilience and fostering long-term vitality. “There are those who say that living longer means spending more time with diseases and disabilities and they assure that this only supposes a burden for society and the health care system,” the specialist commented recently in his networks.

“This is not true,” he continued. “It is daily habits that hold the key to unlocking our longevity potential,” he asserted. Immediately afterwards, he revealed some gestures that, if you incorporate into your routine, will change your lifestyle, improving your well-being and physical condition. We discover them for you!

The first secret of the eternal youth of Elle Macpherson: Avoid the ultra-processed

Elle Macpherson

According to Hyman, regular blood tests are very necessary to find out if certain dysfunctional nutrients have modified what he says are the best indicators of aging.

You have to watch:

  • Insulin: blood sugar levels
  • mTOR: a protein that helps control various cellular functions. It has to do with muscle development and strength.
  • AMPK: an enzyme that is responsible for regulating energy metabolism.
  • Sirtuins: a protein to which beneficial properties are attributed when the objectives are burning fat and building muscle tissue.

According to the doctor, “food is the key lever to damage (with our modern diet) or optimize these indicators.” He comments that, to keep them at adequate levels, the first step is to eliminate ultra-processed foods from our diet.

What are ultra-processed?

When Elle Macpherson’s nutritionist asks, like many of the dietitians who carry out the important work of spreading a healthy lifestyle in networks, that we eliminate ultra-processed foods from our diet, what exactly is he referring to?

The ultra-processed are industrial preparations that artificially stimulate the appetite. Far from providing nutrients to the body so that it can carry out its functions normally, they are full of empty calories and are associated with a greater risk of obesity.

The second secret: Take care of the quality of sleep

According to Dr. Hyman, some of the consequences of not getting enough sleep are:

  • Premature aging
  • Inflammation
  • Mitochondrial and hormonal pathway damage
  • Nutrient malabsorption

The expert recommends sleeping eight hours a day and following a sleep schedule. He insists on the importance of avoiding screens before going to bed and creating an environment that invites rest, that is, that is dark and quiet so that the body understands that it is time to disconnect.

Third tip: Practice strength training

For doctor Mark Hyman, the objectives of a training that pursues longevity must be the following:

  • Preserve muscle
  • Build muscle
  • Optimize muscle function

For this reason, he invites his followers to try weight lifting and resistance bands as well as to start training with exercises that use their own body weight. The expert also talks about the regularity with which you should train to achieve balance and, consequently, look and feel young for longer.

When and how often to train to stay young and fit

The also columnist for The Huffington Post affirms that “the ideal is to do three days of strength training each week.” He ensures that, in this way, we can build and maintain muscle and increase mitochondria. Why is the latter important? Mitochondria are responsible for producing energy from inside the cell.

The more mitochondria we have, the better the muscle can perform its function. Consequently, our physical performance is greater, we burn more fat and live healthier for longer.

Fifth tip: Create community

Two important terms that should be underlined in Dr. Hyman’s advice for longevity are: purpose and community. According to the expert, to preserve health, it is essential to be part of a community that has some purpose. He talks about book clubs and bowling buddies. But is there a better community than the family?

According to the also writer, “those who are connected with others live longer” and Elle Macpherson is especially connected with Arpad Flynn Alexander and Aurelius Cy Andrea Busson, her two sons aged 20 and 25. And what is the best purpose of a family community? Stick together.

Sixth tip: Improve stress management

“Chronic stress creates an increased risk of chronic disease,” says Dr. Hyman. To improve your emotional management, the expert recommends:

  • Practice guided meditations online
  • Practice yoga
  • Write your deepest feelings in a journal
  • Talk regularly with your close friends

In the following image we show you which of these tricks the model puts into practice and what other tools she uses to improve her emotional management in general.

Elle Macpherson’s tools to improve emotional management

Elle Macpherson

An aromatic candle, hand cream, a good book, a relaxing infusion, vitamins that promote the relaxation of the body and a newspaper to which to dedicate, as its cover says, five minutes a day are the tools that Elle Macpherson uses to achieve emotional balance. Which of them do you already have?

The foods that you should incorporate into your diet to live well for longer

According to Mark Hyman, the foods that cannot be missing in your pantry and fridge to enhance longevity and minimize the signs of aging are:

  • Cruciferous vegetables: such as cabbages, cabbage, radishes, leek, maca or kale.
  • The olive oil
  • Nuts and seeds
  • The fruits of the forest
  • Green tea

‘Good habits have a good reward’

Elle Macpherson ticks off Dr. Hyman’s list of good habits. The expert assures that these are the guidelines that he provides to patients who are interested in longevity. He is convinced that every good habit has its reward and he collects many other tips in a publication that can already be yours.

Mark Hyman’s book

Mark Hyman with his book 'Young Forever'

In this image, Dr. Mark Hyman poses for his book, Young Forever, which has already gone on sale. With this publication, the doctor challenges us to re-imagine our biology, health, and the aging process. With dozens of tips, the book is defined as “a practical and revolutionary guide to create and maintain health for life.”

Other Elle Macpherson tricks for ‘eternal youth’

Elle Macpherson

Welleco is Elle Macpherson’s nutricosmetic brand. In addition to, as is reflected in her networks, following the advice of eternal youth spread by the nutritionist she admires, she trusts that beauty is cultivated from within. The two best-selling products from this firm are collagen and vegetable protein powder.

Beauty is 360º and all the pillars (nutrition, food, hydration, rest and good habits) count. Contemplating them as they deserve is the only way to reach 59 as the supermodel.

With input from Mark Hymen’s book ‘Young Forever.’

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