It will soon be a year since the release of Elden Ring, and I firmly believe that FromSoftware created history with this title. Not only am I discussing sales, but also what the game has meant to the community.

Even now, there is still a lot of discussion about this book and content is constantly being created, which says a lot. Few games in history have ever done that, therefore given that a DLC is speculated, people are waiting impatiently for it to be confirmed and announced.

But now that we’ve gotten down to business, it is obvious that something—I’m not sure if a DLC or a fresh update like the one about the coliseum—is on the horizon. And there is evidence for that, as I stated in the title.

Elden Ring will soon see a change

Through Reddit, they reported a finding they made regarding Elden Ring that was rather intriguing:

  • It turns out that the database for Elden Ring (as for many games) contains a number of internal parts, some of which are titled “Playtest.”
  • Well, these have always been updated before some form of upgrade, according to the update history.
  • In particular, Playtest-3, which was also modified in October before the Colosseum upgrade, has been changed.
  • Many believe that this may be a sign that the DLC announcement is about to occur.
  • Of course, it may just be a straightforward update, so let’s mix up the possibilities right now.

Update or DLC?

Well, from what I’ve read, some claim that in order for it to be a DLC, it would need to be a distinct part rather than an update to an already existing one, in this case Playtest-3. Because of this, it’s assumed that this is a preview for a new update rather than the anticipated Elden Ring DLC.

What more may be included to the update? Ray tracing implementation and the reported Boss Race option, in which you must defeat several enemies in a very simple manner, are both in the works. Although it appears obvious that a DLC will be released soon, it has not yet been completely ruled out that one will be announced.

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