As you well know the long-awaited remake of Dead Space was released some time ago, if you haven’t tried it yet and want to know more about the game, here is the amazing analysis that our team at GWW made. But I already anticipate it to be a true ode to survival horror, and it looks like Dead Space is back with this installment.

The game developers know about the great work they have done and have confirmed that they want to continue working on this franchise. They said it themselves in a Reddit thread in which they say it very clearly. Moreover, they also gave a tiny hint about the upcoming Iron Man game.

EA Motive does not want to leave Dead Space

Although before commenting on anything else, they also said that the team will be taking a well-deserved vacation before planning what’s next. Well given what they offered us with this remake, it seems that we can be really serene; the Dead Space saga is back.

We’ve said it in every way we can, both internally and externally, we want to continue working with the Dead Space franchise. But now the team will take a well-deserved vacation before figuring out what’s next.

As you can see they are still impatient, as for the delivery of Iron Man, they have only confirmed that they have a team from EA Motive working on this game and don’t worry the product is between good hands. What is clear is that if we see a title like Guardians of the Galaxy, we have reason to be happy.

We have a great team at Motive who started working on Iron Man, and you can rest easy. I assure you that you are in very good hands!

We’ll see what this company offers us, but for now we have to wait. Let them enjoy their vacation and we will surely have the relevant news around the corner, will Dead Space Remake 2 arrive? Everything seems to indicate yes.

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