There’s no way. E3 is trying, but its fate is getting darker and darker. The show’s organizers have announced the cancellation of the event that was to take place in June.

The news was expected. Not only in recent weeks some of the companies that were going to be at the event had dropped out, but many of them did not even get on board. The 2023 edition was doomed to fail. To be fighting alone in the desert.

E3 had a light edition in 2021 and last year it was not held. However, it had the strength to announce its return for this year by the hand of ReedPop, one of the most popular companies in the organization of such events.

“We are delighted to bring back E3 as a live event with ReedPop, a world leader in the production of pop culture events,” ESA president and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis said a year ago.

Lack of interest has been the main reason cited by the organizers for not going ahead. Nintendo and Microsoft announced their absence in January this year. Sony was not expected since it came out in 2018.

The hope was that third parties would accompany the event, but companies like Sega or Ubisoft have announced a few hours ago their non-participation. Faced with such a scenario, there was probably no choice but to withdraw.

Although it was expected, few should be happy about the cancellation of what was once the largest annual video game event. Criticism is ahead and E3 was not what it once was, but its possible definitive disappearance does not seem to be worthy of celebration.

Unless your name is Geoff Keighly, of course. The Summer Game Fest promoter must be clapping his ears after the official confirmation. Once again, and there are many, Keighley has decided to publish that his event is still on and he has placed himself a new medal.

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