New sigma update December 2022

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Sigma Battle Royale Official 2022

As we well know, sigma caused a lot of interest in the community and above all it was a battle royale that was only practically a few days, its period of life was from December 25 to December 1, 2022, for which reason already on December 2, 2022 At 00:00 the trial period had ended, which is why I come to tell you that it will proceed soon.

Although many channels have emerged lately assuring that they are part of Sigma battle Royale, it happens that currently the game remains anonymous, not knowing who the owners are, or because it looked so much like free fire including its gameplay, sounds, etc.

Download New Sigma Battle Royale APK 2022

Well, yes, my friend, many people are looking for the new version of the game after December 2, but I will tell you something about this new battle royale, at the moment it does not have a specific date for its release, however, I am going to leave you the previous version so you can see, suddenly announce these days the return of such an important game for the community.


Sigma announced THIS: Announcement of the closure of the Sigma Testing phase:

Yes my friends, sigma already announced within the game emails that it would be closing its servers as of December 2, NOT GIVING A DATE FOR HIS RETURN, it is very important to highlight this situation since many channels are giving exact dates for the return of this unique game when in reality there are no specific dates for you to take into account.

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