Documenting a project is an extremely complex task. Often the rush prevents it from being done correctly, so that in most cases the documents are not updated, and the codes, not to mention, not a single comment.

This generates millionaire losses all over the world, hours and hours invested in understanding something that was done by a person who is no longer in the company, or in the generation of errors when applying something that was not properly documented.

If the documents were always up to date, the trains would be made taking into account the width of the tunnels, to give an example.

The point is that if ChatGPt can revolutionize the world of content writing, DocsGPT can do it with documentation.

DocsGPT streamlines the process of finding information in project documentation. It integrates GPT templates so developers can ask questions about projects and receive accurate answers. DocsGPT can help developers quickly find the information they need, revolutionizing the project documentation experience.

It would be like having a ChatGPT for each project, so that we would only have to feed the system with our project documentation and get direct answers whenever we have questions.

We could ask if the train document is correct, and we would get back the answer “no, because I don’t see that you take into account the width of the tunnels”. Just another example, for the record.

Here’s how they present it:

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual searches and let DocsGPT help you quickly find the information you need. Try it and see how it revolutionizes your project documentation experience. Contribute to its development and be part of the future of AI-driven support.

It’s available on github, ready for you to get your hands on and install it in your company.

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