Our friend Woody will bring new flora and fauna to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a ground-breaking new adventure and life-simulator game developed and published by Gameloft in collaboration with Disney. Our priority objective will be to liberate the world from the Valley of Dreamlight of Oblivion and simultaneously, make all the inhabitants believe in you and support you to finally fulfill your purpose.

We will meet characters from the Disney universe, but that is not the case, since we will also meet others from the Pixar universe. After one of its latest updates and among all its news, this time we are going to highlight the inclusion of Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here we will teach you how to bring it to our valley.

talk to woody

As Disney Dreamlight Valley players, to start our new mission we will have to return to the Toy Story kingdom and talk to Woody. Woody wants to build the farm based on Bonnie’s drawings and he will need our help to get hold of all the pieces. To build him, Woody will need 8 popsicle sticks and 5 pipe cleaners.

As in other Disney Dreamlight Valley missions (such as the search for Buzz), the objects we need are found scattered throughout the entire room. We can see them among piles of garbage, and we can only pick them up with the use of the shovel or pick, it is the only way we have to get hold of them.

Find glue to join the pieces

As you can see, in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have to get hold of very curious objects. Having already our popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners, we must return to Woody and talk to him. We will continue our mission, and now, we have to find some glue to be able to join all our pieces.

Woody reminds us that we will also need some flowers for the farm. To get it, we must return to Dreamlight Valley and collect two yellow daisies from the Pacific Meadow. To get the necessary glue to join all our pieces, all we have to do is talk to Buzz Lightyear.

Return to Woody

Once we have obtained the flowers and the glue, we will return to Woody to give him everything he asked for. Woody will tell us to go down to the floor where the farm will be located. We will discover that in Disney Dreamlight Valley we can find origami animals. As expected, when we arrive at the farm, our friend Woody will ask us to locate them so that they can be part of the farm.

It is likely that by now in your game at Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have already come across some of the origami animals. Doing count, we are going to find 2 elephants, 1 turtle, 1 penguin and 1 butterfly. It will not be a headache for us to find most of them since they are out in the open. We may have more difficulty finding the turtle, since it is behind the closet door.

Take Woody to Dreamlight Valley

With our origami animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley already achieved, we will return to Woody to deliver them to him and with this the status of the mission will be updated. Once the mission is complete, we can make friends with Woody, but first, we need a place to build his carousel.

After placing the sign, we must pay Uncle Scrooge 10,000 star coins. In this way we will see Woody appear in our valley. At Disney Dreamlight Valley we have various means to get more star coins. By talking to Woody for the last time, our mission will be completed.

We hope you continue to add more residents and friends to Dreamlight Valley. If you are looking for more tips and curiosities, do not forget that we have the complete guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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