At Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are many dishes to cook: one of the most coveted is Sole Meuniére.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of Gameloft’s most recent games where, in collaboration with Disney, they offer us a hybrid between a classic life simulator and an adventure game. Our main objective will be to free the Valley of Dreamlight from the fearsome Oblivion and at the same time make alliances with the inhabitants to help us achieve our goal.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley we will find characters from the world of Disney, and also from the acclaimed Pixar, with whom we can form bonds while together we rebuild the kingdom. At Disney Dreamlight Valley, we find many very interesting recipes, and this time we will show you one of them.

What is Meuniére Sole at Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, collecting ingredients and cooking recipes are key elements, as they restore our energy. The amount of energy we restore depends on the rarity of the food we consume. However it is not always so. There are times when a lower rarity plate restores more energy than a higher rarity plate. Another utility of the recipes is to find characters related to it. Also, there are recipes that are unlocked by helping some characters with their affairs.

Sole Meuniére is a 4-star recipe, this means that it requires 4 ingredients for its preparation. If we decide to sell it, we will be rewarded with 637 star coins, but if we eat it instead, it will restore 2337 energy. The problem is that it can be difficult to prepare, since one of the 4 key ingredients that we need is obtained in a biome in the game that takes a while to arrive. The ingredients we need are sole, wheat, butter and lemon.

How to obtain the ingredients for Sole Meuniére

The first ingredient that we will get will be the sole. This is a type of fish that can only be caught by casting the hook into the white ripples in the water. Unfortunately for us, this fish is only available in the Forgotten Lands, a biome that requires 15,000 Dreamlights to unlock. Collecting Dreamlights is not really a difficult task, since we can complete quests and receive certain amounts of it. But depending on the difficulty level of the mission, we can receive from 50 to 200.

Our next ingredient, unlike the previous one, is much easier to get. We are talking about wheat. For this we will go to the Goofy store in the Prado Pacífico, once there we can buy the wheat directly or. on the contrary, we can buy the wheat seeds, which will be ready to harvest in 1 minute.

We continue in the search for the ingredients and now we go for the butter. We can buy it in the little chef’s pantry, which is inside Remy’s restaurant. This will cost us 190 star coins accompanied by different dairy products. But we won’t be able to access the pantry until we unlock Remy’s kingdom, help him in his activities, build him a house and reach a certain level of friendship with him. Here you will find our guide to achieve it.

Heading towards the final stretch of Sole Meuniére

Our last ingredient is lemon, which we can find in the Forest of Valor or in the Glade of Confidence. The forest needs 3000 Dreamlight to be unlocked, while to access the clearing we will need 5000 Dreamlight. In Disney Dreamlight Valley lemons will be harvested from the trees and will appear every 27 minutes. In the Claro de la Confianza, in addition to harvesting the lemons, we can also obtain them by buying them at the Goofy store.

Once we have all the ingredients, we will only need to use any stove and put all our ingredients into the pot. We will use a coal to cook everything and we will finally be able to enjoy our dish. In addition, we must make sure to eat it with full energy, since in this way the dish will provide us with the Well Fed effect, which will allow us to walk faster.

And here we leave the guide, we hope it has worked for you and you can eat this delicious Sole Meuniére as many times as you want. If you have any more questions about Disney Dreamlight Valley, do not hesitate to visit our complete guide available on our website.

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