The “stories” similar to those of WhatsApp, came to Telegram but with restrictions

The user will be able to determine whether or not he wants the content to disappear after 24 hours

Telegram has introduced a WhatsApp-like feature called “stories” to publish content that disappears after a certain time. The tool consists of the possibility to publish photos that are visible for 24 hours, and then, disappear if so determined. In addition, the stories are displayed separately from normal posts.

If the user scrolls down the screen, they can view them at the top, apparently hidden, but they also have the option of accessing them by clicking on the profile picture of a user who has posted them.

To indicate that someone has posted a story, their profile picture will show a circle around it. One of the most outstanding particularities of the stories is that their temporality is optional. This means that when publishing them the user can choose whether to keep them in their list of profile pictures after 24 hours or not, which is an option to avoid losing them.

Despite being an entertaining feature, for now it is only available for premium accounts, which means that those who do not pay will be able to view the stories, but will not have the ability to publish them.

What is Telegram Premium

It is an optional subscription service that unlocks additional features.

In addition to stories, all premium users receive:

– Duplicate limits.

– 4 GB file sends.

– Faster downloads.

– Speech-to-text conversion.

– Premium stickers.

– Infinite reactions.

– Advanced chat management.

– Animated profile pictures.

– Distinctive profile profiles.

– Premium icons for the app.

– No ads.

– Personalized emojis.

– Privacy settings for voice messages.

– Voice to text conversion for video messages.

– Emoji statuses.

– Real-time translation of chats and channels.

The @PremiumSpanish channel contains detailed descriptions of each feature, as well as a list of all premium stickers.

How to subscribe

Users can purchase the plan through the App Store, Google Play (Telegram Settings > Telegram Premium) or @PremiumBot.

Subscribing through the bot offers users a discounted price, as payments are not subject to Apple or Google fees. This option costs around $5 dollars per month in Latin American countries and 5.49 euros per month in European countries.

How Telegram differs from WhatsApp

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging platform with constant synchronization. This means that users can access their messages from different devices simultaneously. In addition, it allows unlimited sharing of photos, videos and files of up to 2 GB each.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram takes up less than 100 MB on the device. Users can store all their multimedia in the cloud without the need to delete files by simply clearing the cache to free up space.

Its infrastructure has multiple data centers and the encryption it uses. This allows for a faster experience and ensures a high level of security in communications.

It has a free option and has no advertising or subscription fees. It has an API and an open code, which encourages the participation of developers who wish to create their own applications based on Telegram.

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