Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 continues to offer intriguing tidbits of information. In a recent interview, the director of the eagerly awaited sequel spoke about its development and why newcomers should not dismiss it.

Return of a legendary license

Alan Wake 2 marks the return of a legendary license of recent decades. Remedy, the game’s developer, has returned with another paranormal offering that has garnered a devoted following, such as ‘Control.’ After a prolonged period of uncertainty surrounding the game, the director of Alan Wake 2 has recently come forward to provide additional insights into the project, slated for a 2023 release.

More terrifying than its predecessor

As previously revealed, the game will be even more terrifying than its predecessor, which was referred to as “a Stephen King action game.” In an interview with GamesRadar, creative director Sam Lake spoke about the game and what fans can anticipate. According to Lake, this sequel will feature connections to other games in Remedy’s catalog, which all belong to a shared universe. Despite these nods and references, Alan Wake 2 will still be accessible to those unfamiliar with the saga.

It’s worth noting that the original Alan Wake was released in 2010 and there are many players who may not have experienced it.

Inclusive to all players

“When conceptualizing Alan Wake 2, it was imperative that we crafted an experience that would be inclusive to all players, whether they are unfamiliar with Alan Wake or the Remedy Connected Universe, or seasoned fans who have accompanied us on this journey and enjoyed our previous offerings,” stated Sam Lake.

For those who have played previous games in the Alan Wake franchise, as well as Control and its AWE DLC, there will be numerous connections, familiar elements of the saga, and well-known characters to uncover. However, for those who haven’t played the original Alan Wake, Remedy has already devised a strategy to attract a broader audience with the recent release of Alan Wake Remastered.

Our review of Alan Wake Remastered

At the time of its release, we praised it for its ability to renew itself without sacrificing its visual appeal and for its timeless story that remains as captivating as ever.

Will you be giving this title a chance? Although there is still much to be seen, Alan Wake 2 appears promising. It is slated for release in 2023 on PS5, Xbox X Series X|S, and PC.

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