Hello readers, do you remember the last iPad 9th generation? That particular series was value for money; it used to cost only $368. As you also know, for under $368 we get so many android pads, but when it comes to performance and long-term reliable products, I always praise the Apple iPads (Normal variants), but only if your budget is under $368.

After that budget, you get the other high-performance iPads (Air and Pro variants).

The only issue was that they needed to upgrade the designs, but the 9th generation was so good when it came to performance. If you had purchased that, then you are going to be happy reading this blog.

Finally, the iPad 10th generation is out and comes with many necessary upgrades. The 9th generation had a lightning port, but the 10th generation iPad comes with a type-c port, which results in both good and bad. We will later explain why.

The camera has been improved here, which is very evident. The design has also been upgraded here; we all have seen the older 9th-generation one, which had a very generic design. This 10th-generation one looks like the sexy Air Series. The home button is present now, which also works as a fingerprint scanner; the bezels have also been reduced now.

Basically, it looks so modern and stylish now. Earlier 9th generation one had the A13 Bionic Chipset, but now you get the A14 bionic chipset, so you are going to get a top-notch performance in your 10th gen iPad.

Another thing that has been done so right is the selfie Camera position; now you can finally do video calling in landscape mode. The video canvas fits so perfectly now. The main rear camera has also been improved; it can shoot video in 4K quality. The audio quality is just like the previous one, crystal clear!

One more good thing about the 10th gen iPad is that it supports 5G network, so if you buy the cellular model, you can put your sim card right inside the iPad and enjoy lightning-fast internet speed.

Well, we have told you all the great things about this new 10th gen iPad. Now let us tell you about some negative points of the same.

Remember, at the beginning of the article; we were talking about the Type-C Port that you get on this iPad. So, you must be thinking that you will get super-fast speeds in copying files through that Type-C port. Well, let us burst the bubbles here. The Type-C port you are getting here is extremely slow.

We did a test by copying an 8 GB file through iPad 10th gen, iPad 10th gen pro, and iPad 10th gen Air. And you will be shocked to know the results. The iPad Pro copied the file in only 16 secs, the iPad air copied it in 44 seconds, and now, at last, the iPad 10th gen took 4 lengthy minutes to copy the same. How unreal and shocking. So, the USB Type-C port we are getting here is not really as fast as we expected it.

Now not only the slow transfer speed is the issue here, but the 10th gen iPad also comes with a storage of only 64 GB. So, if you are getting this iPad for highly productive work, then you are going to have a really hard time as the device will perform pretty average in such a task. Especially when you are using a video editing program, you will find that the timeline playback is kind of slow.

And your sorrow does not end here. Now another issue is with the Apple Pencil. iPad 10 supports the Apple Pencil 1 and not the Pencil Generation 2. And the Apple Pencil 1 supports Lightning Port and not the USB type-C port, while the iPad 10 supports only USB Type-C.

So, you will have to buy a lightning port to USB type-c converter dongle to make the Apple Pencil 1 work with the iPad 10. Do you see the complexity here? It only gets ridiculous.

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