Vampire Survivors increasingly popular name blessing gameplay which is fun and interesting too. Well, recently, the creator at once developer Luca “Poncle” Galante reveals DLC plans Vampire Survivors the latest that will be coming to the game. What are you curious about? Let’s explore together!

Overview of Vampire Survivors DLC Info and Latest Updates

Dlc Vampire Survivors

Dlc Vampire Survivors

Legacy of the Moon is Vampire Survivors’ newest DLC title

Via Steam Blog, game developer Vampire Survivors Galante tells about the achievements and awards that the game has won in the past year. Apart from that, Galante also plans to provide additional content, namely a DLC titled Vampire Survivors’ Legacy of the Moonspell which was released a month ago and presents stageeight characters playablenew enemies, and more.

Later, this DLC will be available as paid content for 1.99 Dollars or around 31 thousand Rupiah (not including tax). This price is quite affordable, because Galante only adds additional character bonus content, weaponand stage just the latest. Not only that, he also delivers update games that introduce features and gameplay new players can get for free later.

Besides update and the latest DLC, Galante also wants to bring “something new”. He said there were “a lot of things” in development that were “unrelated to the current game,” which most likely will be spin – off or the latest games. However, this is still an assumption, so let’s just wait for further news from Galante, bro!

When Asked Why Vampire Survivors Game Is Popular, Its Creator, “I Don’t Know”

Game Vampire Survivors Populer

Game Vampire Survivors Populer

“Yeah, I don’t know” – uncle Galante

In 2022, the video game industry is full of indie games with various genres and gameplay features. One of the indie games that managed to steal the attention of gamers is Vampire Survivors by Luca Galante. With the popularity of this game raises the question of many people why this game can be popular. But the creator can only answer, “I don’t know”.

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