At a time when big companies are betting more and more on video game adaptations for the big screen, many fans have that irrational fear of knowing if they will discredit the title they love so much. As has already happened several times with Resident Evil, Mario Bros. or Silent Hill, most of the time these adaptations don’t come to fruition, since many times the studio doesn’t even know what the work is about. However, the case we are going to talk about today is very different, since it is a series made by several fans of nothing more and nothing less than Destiny 2.

It has been the streamer AverageMatty who has made his dream come true of creating from scratch a series made by and for the fans of the Bungie title, a game that over the years has improved exponentially and has created a solid community based on listening to the players. After a Crowdfunding of more than 60 thousand dollars, this Wednesday, December 28, the first chapter will be released on its YouTube channel.

It will be a 3D animated series made by just three people:

  • Neenkin as an entertainer
  • Jessie Yun as songwriter
  • Strasner as Audio Engineer

It is not yet known what this series will be about and what plot it will focus on of all the open ones in the game, but if there is one thing for sure, it is that it will be one of those miniseries that fans of this game will adore and receive as a great Christmas gift. There are very few games that can boast of this kind of dedicated community and Destiny 2 has managed to carve out all of it after years and years of working and improving its multiplayer title.

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