Bungie has released a new trailer for the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion focusing on some of the Exotic weapons and armor pieces Guardians will be able to get in Eclipse.

It also serves as a showcase for one of the effects tied to the Binding, tangles, which are quantum beams generated after defeating enemies. These webs can be used with Tether to weave new items or creatures, or with other weapon-related targets.

Here are some details on the new weapons and armor featured in the trailer:

  • Last Warning: This Tether Gun fires tracer ammo that seeks out nearby enemies.
  • Deterministic Chaos: A Void Machine Gun that rhythmically weakens enemies every four shots.
  • Winter’s Bite: A Stasis Exotic Glaive capable of generating an orb that freezes enemies with its projectiles.
  • Cyrtarachne’s Mask: This Exotic helmet provides hunters with additional protection and tremor resistance when using the Binding hook.
  • Suspended Leap: When Titans use their barricade with this Exotic leg armor, it spawns homing projectiles that keep enemies suspended and provides armor.
  • Swarms: This new Exotic leg armor allows wizards to create thread beasts to infect and attack enemies after destroying a tangle.

The new trailer also shows off the upgrade to Quicksilver Storm’s catalyst, which allows the grenade from this Exotic Auto Rifle to generate binding webs that can be thrown at enemies. Quicksilver Storm is now available to Guardians who have pre-ordered Eclipse.

In the meantime, players can continue to enjoy Season of the Seraphim and complete their Moments of Triumph, preparing for the next chapter in the Light and Dark saga, arriving on February 28, 2023 with the release of Destiny 2: Eclipse.


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