Hugh Jackman, who once again wields Logan’s claws, reveals what the relationship between his character and Ryan Reynolds’ character will be like in Deadpool 3, and clarifies where the story will take place.

Ryan Reynolds’ insistence ended up reaping its fruits. Hugh Jackman, after saying goodbye to the Wolverine character with James Mangold’s Logan, will resume his role as a mutant in Deadpool 3, a feature film directed by Shawn Levy that will be released in 2024 after some delays and unexpected date movements. Jackman is therefore the biggest surprise of this third installment, which will add the Merc with a Mouth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor has explained in an interview what will be the Wolverine that we will see in the film and what relationship he will have with Deadpool. During a brief appearance on the Empire Film Podcast, Jackman reveals that Wade Wilson is not exactly someone Logan likes, and that the two characters will be in conflict throughout the footage.

Deadpool 3 will offer a very angry version of Wolverine and will not touch what was seen in Logan

“Logan is frustrated for him, wants to be a million miles from him, and wants to punch him in the head. Unfortunately, he can’t be a million miles in this movie, so I’ll probably punch him in the head a lot.” the artist commented between laughs. If you are regular fans of comics, you will know that the relationship between the two characters is not very positive, but that contrast is what gives the most play and what makes the craziest comedy shine like never before in the universe of superheroes. In turn, the actor also wanted to make it clear what Wolverine we would see. Deadpool 3’s plot will take place before the events of Logan, reaffirming what Reynolds commented on his day: Mangold’s film is canon and will not be touched, so Wolverine’s final fate remains death.

Deadpool 3 will respect what we saw in Logan and build a new Wolverine story within the MCU.

“I told [James Mangold] that it would take place before our movie, that I wasn’t going to spoil anything and that we wouldn’t see Wolverine’s claws coming out of his grave or anything like that. So he was relieved about it, and actually He thought it was a very good idea,” says the actor. “None of us wanted to spoil that, I’m so proud of Logan and what we did, he feels perfect and current after 5 years.” Deadpool 3, as we said, will be released in 2024 and it seems that we will see a love-hate story between the two protagonists. Jackman would have signed a deal with Marvel for two new movies, so we would see him in another project in the future.

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