Version 1.03 of Dead Space Remake has been released for the PC and PS5, and EA Motive has fixed VRS and several graphic problems while promising that the Xbox version will be available shortly.

Dead Space Remake has received the expected 1.03 update from EA for the PS5 and PC while promising that the Xbox Series X|S version will arrive this week.

The corporation itself thanked its customers for their “continued patience and support” while it “discovered and sought answers to the graphical challenges that some have faced.”

Again, they have warned of all this through their community manager on Reddit, so gradually the game starts to take on a different appearance.

It appears that “updates that solve these problems are already available on Origin/EA App, Steam, and PS5” in regard to this update.

Many players, like this one, assert that everything has improved and is less jagged and fuzzy after the game’s recent update: “Isaac Clarke’s suit, elevators, and streetcars all seem clearer now, too.”

“I don’t see a resolution loss; before to this change, it was much more apparent,” the same user kept going.

The teaser gave viewers a lot to anticipate but ultimately left them feeling uninspired

The Community Manager’s post continued, “For Xbox, an update ought to be accessible later this week.”

“The team is regularly kept in the loop and is looking into the various concerns we’ve learnt about in the recent days. When there is more to say about this or if there are answers to any other problems you may be having, I’ll let you know.”

Currently, this is an improvement, according to another user: “I quit the game in a place that looked pretty horrible before to the patch when I was still near the game’s beginning. After the patch, I restarted it and the issue is still there; yep, they have repaired it. The game now appears to be a legitimate Next Gen title that, by first glance, defies Xbox One or PS4 development.”

Others who have used it on a PS5 note that “it looks excellent in Performance Mode,” thus this appears to have resolved the launch-related issues.

The filmmaker and producer John Carpenter has added to the accolades, calling the Dead Space remake “thrilling and horrifying.”

Although it must be regretted that Dead Space sold fewer than half as many copies at debut (UK) as The Callisto Protocol, there are other intricacies.

At least Dead Space Remake version 1.03, which will soon be released for Xbox Series X|S, is now available on PS5 and PC to correct VRS and several graphic bugs.

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