Electronic Arts and developer Motive Studio have revealed the Dead Space Remake PS5 which offers a head-to-head comparison between performance settings and graphics quality. And with Quality they mean the Resolution mode on PS5, of course. Given the lack of detail in recent posts on graphics modes, such as Hogwarts Legacy for PS5, this update is greatly appreciated.

Dead Space Remake Performance vs. Resolution Mode on PS5

As announced via a tweet on the official Dead Space Twitter account, here’s a comparison between Performance Mode and Resolution Mode for the upcoming remake:

  • Resolution mode: 30 FPS at 4K (UHD) resolution with ray tracing
  • Performance mode: 60 FPS at 2K (QHD) resolution without ray tracing.

This can make choosing the right settings a bit difficult for PS5 users, as the relationship between frame rate and resolution also depends on whether ray tracing is turned on or not. Still, unless you’re taking screenshots or something, we imagine most will still select the 60 FPS option, since every frame counts in this action-horror shooter.

The publisher revealed the minimum and recommended PC specs on the Twitter thread as well, with the recommended ones being a GeForce RTX 2070 with at least 16GB of RAM.

Dead Space Remake release date is January 27, 2023 for PS5. It recently emerged that the game was about to remove the pause button and that John Carpenter has revealed that there will be a Dead Space movie, although he won’t be directing it.

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