The truth is that Dead Space is still in the memory of many people for its terrifying proposal back in 2008. It continues to be an emblem of space terror, and apparently that gave EA confidence to venture to make a most reliable remake. With 18 minutes of gameplay, we were able to verify that the essence is still intact, but what we have come to tell you today is another good news.

The official account of Motive Studio and Dead Space on Twitter have indicated that the development of Dead Space Remake has finished. In this way, the game has already entered the “Gold” phase and is ready for distribution. On January 27 we can enjoy it on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. In fact, those who are going to buy it on Steam should know that there will be no launchers involved.

Even so, it is normal for the game to have some errors, so it is very common for us to receive a launch patch to correct this type of situation. Now the EA Motive team will use these weeks to polish some aspects and launch it in the best possible state. The last thing they have changed has been the face of its protagonist, since it does not look so much like the original.

More features of the Dead Space remake

If you want to experience this experience on your PC, you may be interested in knowing its minimum and recommended requirements. Although yes, they have already made it clear that it is not a simple visual improvement, and that is demonstrated by the different comparisons that have been made. We already know that the video game is a very faithful remake of the original, so we can expect the same and even more.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Dead Space Collector’s Edition is expensive, but its helmet is perfect for lighting up our nightmares. As an addition, they will also make use of the God of War sequence shot to make their narrative more immersive. This way there is only one thing clear: there will only be loading screens if you die.

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