Although its release is scheduled for April 2013, we must not remember that Dead Island 2 was officially presented at E3 in 2014, so imagine what the game had to go through to be released almost 10 years later. Leaving aside the gruesome development of the title, it seems that we see the light at the end of the tunnel and at the end of April we must play the work finally created by Dambuster.

The study in a recent interview for Gameinformer have explained different details of it. It is normal for many of us to wonder what is left of Dead Island 2 presented at that E3 and the truth is that not much seems to be left of that, beyond the spirit of what we saw in that presentation trailer.

Dead Island 2 announced in 2014 and released in 2023

It really wasn’t in our plans to go back to that trailer. I mean, it was a very, very funny video and it really represented the vision of the team that was developing that zombie version of Los Angeles, but our game shows that scenario in a different light.

We wanted to make a clean slate to dedicate ourselves exclusively to our vision. We haven’t spent much time thinking back or looking at other games. We’ve only focused on our Dead Island 2 to make it phenomenal, updating and modernizing the gameplay of the series in a way that we think will make fans happy.

It is evident that with so many years from its announcement to the present day, many things had to change in Dead Island 2. From then until now the games have evolved and we must also take into account that the game was being developed by another team at that time, so We will see little of what was seen 9 years ago beyond the spirit of creation.

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