Who is Daniel Sancho, Rodolfo Sancho’s son involved in a gruesome murder in Thailand?

The 29 year-old has confessed to killing a Colombian surgeon whose body was found dismembered in several garbage bags.

Daniel Sancho’s name has come to the forefront of the media for a macabre murder in Thailand. The young man, son of actor Rodolfo Sancho, is accused of killing and dismembering a Colombian surgeon, a crime that he himself confessed to the police after being interrogated this Friday for the disappearance of the victim, which he himself reported.

Despite the fame and projection of his father, Daniel was practically unknown until this gruesome story in which he is involved occurred. Moreover, according to some media Rodolfo Sancho is already traveling to Thailand to try to legally help his son after knowing what happened.

This news has triggered the interest in the young man, whose social networks give an account of how his day to day life was until this trip and alleged crime that could change his life forever.

Who is Daniel Sancho?

Daniel Sancho’s Journey Beyond Acting Legacy

Despite being the son and grandson of actors -his grandfather is the remembered Sancho Gracia-, Daniel did not follow in his footsteps in the interpretation. The young man has opted for the hospitality industry, dedicating himself professionally to the kitchen, a passion he showed from a very young age.

As Rodolfo himself has publicly revealed, his son used to make his own pastry recipes when he was only ten years old. “Both his mother and I are very proud of Daniel, he doesn’t want to know anything about movies or television. The three of us get along very well,” he said in an interview.

Daniel Sancho

Daniel Sancho, in a photograph published on his social networks. (instagram)

A Multifaceted Daniel Sancho’s Talent : From Elite Athlete to Culinary Enthusiast and Adventurous Traveler

Currently, Daniel works at the catering company La Bohéme and also has his own YouTube channel, where he explains on camera the preparation of some of his star dishes.

Before entering the kitchen, the young man trained to become an elite athlete. Specifically, he took tennis lessons and began to excel in that sport, but ended up opting for the kitchen to develop his professional career. In addition, Daniel is a lover of other sports such as surfing or skiing, as can be seen in his Instagram profile, where there are numerous snapshots practicing some of these activities.

Traveling is another of the young chef’s passions. Thailand is among his favorite destinations and, according to some sources, he had already been in the Asian country with the victim, the surgeon Edwin Arrieta Arteaga. Precisely from the island of Kon Tao, Daniel Sancho shared in 2018 a snapshot in which he mentions his father. “Thank you for teaching me to live, Dad,” he writes next to the photo in which he appears lying down watching the horizon of the Thai coast.

Shocking Confession and Revoked Visa: Daniel Sancho Accused of Gruesome Murder in Thailand

As revealed by EFE through Thai police sources, Daniel Sancho is accused of murdering and dismembering the 44-year-old Colombian whose body has been found dismembered in several garbage bags. Sancho himself reported on Thursday night at a police station in Kho Phangan the disappearance of his friend, who allegedly arrived a day earlier on the island, according to EFE through sources of the Thai authorities.

The young man’s visa has been revoked and evidence against him is expected to be presented before a judge to order his arrest, something that could happen in the next few hours due to the disappearance of the victim.

Police say that the 29-year-old has confessed to the murder of Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, a 44-year-old Colombian whom he knew from a previous trip to Thailand. The motive would have been “jealousy” and the fear that the victim “cheated” on him, without further details having transcended for the moment.

According to police sources told EFE, the young man must now accompany the police to the places where he allegedly threw different parts of the dismembered body of the Colombian, including the sea.

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