Game indie created by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, Cult of the Lamb is game based roguelike wrapped in cool and epic action and adventure. Due to its popularity, developer finally took out update big for the first time and bring the latest content in it. Curious what the content is? Let’s discuss it together!

Latest Content in Cult of the Lamb Update

Cult of the Lamb will get update what you can get for free this year. Update it will focus on depthdifficulty level, and quality of life. Specifically, the game will add heavy attack newest in the game.

Heavy Attack in this game will be present in three weapon games. First for Sword who can eradicate groups of enemies, Axe to throw like boomerangs, and rain Dagger that comes from the sky. Apart from that, Massive Monster and Devolver Digital also fixed a few things bug in the game for a better fan playing experience.

Following trailer update which you can see below:

Summer Game Fest 2022 – Planet of Lana Shows Trailer with Stunning Visuals

Still focused on games indiebesides The Last of Us Remake, Neon White, Cuphead, Saints Row and others, it turns out various game titles indie able to attract attention gamer, one of them Planet of Lana. This game was developed by Wishfully Studio in collaboration with Takeshi Furukawa, one of the composers who has ever received a nomination BAFTA Awards. based side – scrolling, This game will present cool visuals which of course spoil your eyes.

Announced via Summer Game Fest 2022, besides side – scrolling, Planet of Lana is also game based puzzle adventure with dressing sci-fi between the present and the various galaxies. Tells the story of a young girl and a cat, her loyal friend Mui will go on an adventure on a mission to save her sister.

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