If you are lucky enough to have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you are in luck because you can now enjoy Crysis Remastered Trilogy. This is a compilation pack that was on the Epic Games Store, but recently landed on Steam. Even so, its leading role has not yet subsided and there are reasons to celebrate this new news.

Yesterday, a Twitter user called Game Pass Counter echoed that Crysis 2 and 3 Remastered were already available on EA Play. Knowing this, many have automatically thought directly about Game Pass and it is totally normal, because if you are an Ultimate user you should know that you can now play the remastered trilogy at no additional cost. You just have to go to the EA application and put “Crysis” in the search engine, immediately you will get the same thing that appears in the tweet below.

Of course, certain aspects must be qualified before starting to install these games. At the moment the titles can only be downloaded through the EA application. In fact, if you look for them in the Xbox application you will find the original Crysis saga, so you can only play these works on PC, not Xbox consoles. In addition, you must link your Game Pass account to have access to this trilogy, but if you have already done so in the past, you do not have to repeat this last process.

What is known about Crysis 4?

Earlier this year, Crytek decided to make us happy by announcing Crytek 4 with a teaser trailer. However, they already made it clear that the title was going to “live up to it”, but the information so far is very scarce. Its director will contribute to this, since he is a veteran of the Hitman saga and other successful action games.

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