Although it is not the best way to improve attributes in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, we will tell you the best way to level up Zack quickly.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII – Reunion, like most role-playing games, has a level system. As you level up, Zack’s attributes increase. To make it easy, we are going to explain how to level up and how to level up fast.

How do you level up?

  • The level up system is based on OMD.
  • To level up you need a Summum and the number is 777.
  • Defeating enemies and gaining experience points increases the chances of a Summum with 777.
  • You can’t see accumulated EXP anywhere, so it’s just constantly defeating enemies.
  • Higher level enemies give more EXP, but keep in mind that it’s still a percentage chance, so the more turns of the OMD the better.

How to level up fast

Knowing the above, there are two ways to level up quickly:

  • By repetition.
  • By accumulation.


  • The repeat system is the most popular. We call it that because it is a system where you will constantly spin the OMD while accumulating a medium amount of EXP, which also increases the probability of an Ultimate 777.
  • It allows you to quickly level up Zack and, if you do it right, materials.
  • It is based on constantly repeating the mission M1-1-6: 1,000 Shinra soldiers.
  • If you have Heal++VIT+999% and some STR buff, you can fill the rest of the materia slots with whatever you want to level up, and just attack constantly.
  • Be careful with the Poison and go killing enemies, the normal thing is to raise at least one level per turn (and several levels of the materials that you have equipped).


  • This system is so called because it focuses on accumulating the maximum EXP in the shortest possible time.
  • This means that with each repetition, the probability of a Summum 777 increases very quickly.
  • To do this, obviously, we are going to focus on eliminating the enemies that give more EXP.
  • To do this, you simply have to repeat the mission M9-5-3: Unusually strong monsters.
  • Death Claws appear in this mission at 11,000 XP each.
  • You have to keep in mind that they are not the enemy that gives the most EXP, but they are the most profitable and they appear as an enemy, so
  • you can repeat. They have less than 100,000 hit points (a Daring Strike), and can spawn in groups of three. Remember that there is some risk of Parry when facing deadly claws.
  • If you prefer to go directly for the enemy that gives the most EXP, you have to do the mission M9-6-4: Biomechanical Threats. The enemy will be a Great Molbol, kill him by scorching him with Gravity++. This enemy gives 32,000 EXP, it is the one that gives the most, but being a boss he only appears once per mission, and it takes longer to defeat than the lethal claws.

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