This Sunday, the Christ of Peace was inaugurated in the municipality of Tabasco, Zacatecas. This 33-meter-high sculpture could become the center of one of the most important religious and tourist sites in the country.

On Easter Sunday, hundreds of people went to the Cerrito de la Fe, now known as the site of the biggest Christ in Mexico and the second biggest in Latin America, where Governor David Monreal Avila and Tabasco Mayor Gilberto Martinez unveiled the commemorative plaque.

Christ of Peace Inaugurated in Tabasco

Construction of the sculpture began in 2020, using steel rods, polyurethane, and fiberglass. The work was directed by sculptor Miguel Romo Santini, who also created the Cristo Roto de Aguascalientes. The sculpture cost approximately 20 million pesos.

At the plaque unveiling, Governor David Monreal Ávila recommended that the municipal president ask Romo Santini to carry out complementary works to beautify the surroundings.

Although the project was initially politicized, delaying its construction, and there was a debt with the builders, the state government and population supported it, donating resources and land to make it a reality.

Governor David Monreal announced that the 2023 economic package includes an item to complete the esplanade, while Mayor Gilberto Martinez explained that due to the amount of investment required for the work, the completion of the comprehensive project for the tourist and religious center could take up to 10 years.

The project began in a different administration, and a debt of five million pesos was left from the previous administration, but the mayor pledged to follow it through despite the political and economic complexities.

In later stages, the structure will have access inside, where there will be four viewpoints to appreciate the municipality of Tabasco. Within the integral project of the tourist and religious site, the construction of a chapel for 150 people is contemplated, as well as various recreational areas, but resources are still lacking.

Prior to the inauguration, Mayor Gilberto Martinez expressed hope that “Jesus intercedes in the pacification of the state” and that “tranquility can be recovered in Zacatecas and the whole country.”

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