Shanghai (China), Feb 14 – China’s economy stabilized at the end of 2022 and began to recover early this year, said the country’s Premier Li Keqiang, quoted by the official Xinhua news agency.

Li assured that the national economy “achieved reasonable growth and remained in a reasonable range” throughout 2022, a year marked by the strong disruptions derived from the restrictions – among them, strong confinements – applied in the framework of the already dismantled ‘zero covid’ strategy.

The prime minister, who is expected to leave office next month, warned that the country still faces a “severe external environment” and reiterated that the “foundations” of demand recovery at the domestic level “have not yet been consolidated”.

In this regard, Li called for “efforts” to implement economic stabilization policies to further “expand the recovery”.

After achieving an official growth of 3% in 2022, the authorities are expected to make public their economic targets for this year at the annual summit of the National People’s Congress (NPC, Legislative), which is scheduled to begin on March 5.

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