In 2022, especially when it comes to anime that airs in the fall, fans are really presented with lots of quality series. Not just big names, but also various dark horses that are suddenly so popular. Even so, the name Chainsaw Man, which was already hype even before it was broadcast, seems to be selling well, especially in Japan.According to reports from the site Yaraon Chainsaw Man is still the most watched anime throughout fall or fall 2022 this on streaming sites in Japan like Abema and Niconico.

  1. Chainsaw Man: 12,943,687 Views
  2. Bocchi The Rock!: 11,048,693 Views
  3. Reincarnated as a Sword: 9,788,208 Views
  4. The Eminence in Shadow: 8,954,157 Views
  5. Gundam The Witch From Mercury: 6,884,619 Views

It doesn’t seem surprising to see the name Chainsaw Man becoming popular on the mainstream streaming site in Japan, because basically the series was already hype first through selling well manga and from a marketing point of view. The name Bocchi The Rock is still a dark horse by successfully being ranked second, despite his name being known to many people before the broadcast of the anime.

Chainsaw Man tells the story of a young man named Denji who lives in poverty and becomes a Demon Hunter to pay off his father’s debt by giving the Yakuza the corpses of the demons he hunted. His life changes forever when his body joins the corpse of his pet dog, Pochita. He then lived in a big city and became a part of the Demon Hunters organization.

When talking about the mainstream, Chainsaw Man was also previously named as the most popular anime title most popular and most searched for throughout 2022 according to Google Search.

Although it must be admitted that there is also confusing news that says that his name is getting dimmer and inferior to new hype anime like Bocchi The Rock. However, the fact remains that the name Chainsaw Man remains popular overall in 2022.

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