Celes Salas, the fun tiktoker who teaches you that there is a body for everyone

Tiktokers are the young talents of the moment and girls like Celeste Salas are not only pretty faces, this tiktoker is full of positive messages and a lot of talent.

Tiktokers have arrived to add a touch of freshness to social networks, with younger and younger users and influencers. However, their youth does not make them less influential in the world, because these young people have a message to give and one of them is Maria Celeste Salas, a girl who at 17 years old is more than an Internet celebrity.

Celeste or Celes Salas was born on February 25, 2003 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This girl is a tiktoker, instagramer, youtuber, model and one of the young girls in Latin America who is in charge of transmitting a positive message on social networks.

Talented little girl Celes Salas

Celeste comes from a middle class Argentinean family, she is the youngest of three siblings and grew up surrounded by love, cuddles and lots of support. Since she was little she was very curious, practiced all kinds of sports, studied piano and together with her sister Paz recorded videos and made pranks in front of the camera when she did not yet dream of being a youtuber.

Now she is 17 years old and is finishing high school and dreams of studying design or a career that allows her to learn more about the audiovisual world that she has fallen in love with and that has given her so much success.

The tiktoker Celes Salas

In 2018 Celes became a star of social networks by creating her TikTok account celessalas, in it this chava shares videos of choreography, comedy and lip sync. Her success has been so great that in 2 years she has gained more than 2.5 million followers on the platform.

But this girl had many encounters with audiovisuals before success. Not only did she record videos with her sister, she has also confessed in her networks that she used to have a musical.ly account with a friend, but it didn’t go very well for them. It was not until 2018 that she plucked up the courage to launch herself into solo networks.

In other networks

This girl is not only successful on the Asian platform of clips, she has also achieved more than 328 thousand followers on Instagram. On this platform she collaborates with brands from Argentina and other countries, in addition to sharing her best images and comments with her followers.

But she has also managed to conquer YouTube, in just one year she has reached 210 thousand subscribers on her channel Celes Salas. This platform has become her personal vlog where Celes shares her private life, has introduced her family, her friends, her Team and has won the love of thousands of followers with her naturalness and her spontaneous way of being.

This chava is more than just a pretty and funny tiktoker, she is a girl with personality and a message for her followers. In 2018 she joined Clubes Ted’s motivational talks with her talk “Un cuerpo para cada uno”. In it Celes talks about personal acceptance, self-esteem and her own experience with self-love, being part of a strong campaign to promote acceptance in teenagers.

In 2019 she was part of Teen Fest, she has collaborated with great tiktokers and youtubers on various platforms and in her video “50 things about me” she admits that one of her dreams is to be invited to Vidcon, as very few Argentines achieve this honor. In February 2020 she joined the campaigns of the fight against childhood cancer and donated her hair to this noble cause.


Celes SalasCeles Salas

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