The Barcelona subway bore witness to yet another act of aggression against the LGTBIQ community this past Saturday. A transgender woman fell victim to an attack by a man around 9 p.m. within a carriage on Line 1 (red).

Following a barrage of punches and kicks, the assailant menacingly exclaimed, “I shall end your life, you and your wig.” The Observatori Contra l’Homofòbia (OCH) promptly decried this altercation as an instance of “severe and transphobic violence.”

The OCH reports that the assailant berated the victim, uttering reproachful remarks such as “Leave, you are making a spectacle of yourself.” The situation swiftly escalated into a physical assault, which nearby passengers documented using their mobile phones.

The captured footage depicts the woman valiantly attempting to defend herself while several commuters endeavored to restrain the aggressor, with others discreetly distancing themselves to avert harm.

Persistently hurling insults such as “bitch” and “witch,” the man continued to push and strike the victim. He even tore off the wig she was wearing, callously discarding it on the floor, and demanded a change in her behavior.

As numerous fellow passengers sought to create distance between the two, the victim retorted, “Refrain from such indecency, you despicable individual. Conduct yourself appropriately, you contemptible creature.” Upon the metro’s arrival at Plaza Catalunya station, the woman swiftly disembarked.

The Observatori Contra l’Homofòbia has passionately condemned the incident, asserting, “LGTBIphobia must be vigorously combated.” The organization promptly reported the aggression and activated established protocols in coordination with TMB and the Oficina per a la No Discriminació de Barcelona.

Furthermore, they have extended their support to the affected individual. Eugeni Rodríguez, the president, has pledged their commitment to pursuing the matter legally, despite emphasizing the victim’s considerable vulnerability. Together with the Mossos, they are diligently working to locate the assailant.

Rodriguez elucidates, “Upon the inauguration of the forthcoming mayor of Barcelona, we shall request a meeting. This issue must assume utmost priority, particularly within public transportation. It is disheartening that no one intervenes; let us hope this incident raises awareness. We must not allow these acts of aggression to become normalized.”

Regrettably, this altercation represents yet another occurrence of LGTBIQ-targeted violence within the Barcelona subway. In July 2022, a man received a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for perpetrating a homophobic assault.

The judge determined that the attack transpired due to the victim wearing a T-shirt alluding to the homosexual community.

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