• Emmily Rodrigues death case transferred to Federal Court
  • Reasons for transferring the Emmily Rodrigues case to Federal Justice
  • Francisco Saenz Valiente defense motion in Emmily Rodrigues case
  • Implications of the jurisdiction change in Emmily Rodrigues’ death investigation
  • Charges against Francisco Saenz Valiente in Emmily Rodrigues case

The case for the death of Emmily Rodrigues is transferred to the Federal Court.

This was decided by the judge in the case in response to a motion filed by the defense of the businessman Francisco Saenz Valiente, accused of manslaughter.

Minutes before the close of court hours this Monday, Judge Maria Fabiana Galletti, head of Court 31, decided to refer to the Federal Justice the case file that tries to clarify the death of Emmily Rodrigues. The change of jurisdiction comes after a successful motion by the defense attorney of the main defendant, businessman Francisco Saénz Valiente, the host of the drug party where Rodrigues lost her life when she fell six stories into the void on March 30.

Facundo Orazi, the lawyer, made the request after Court VI indicted his defendant for the manslaughter of Rodrigues and the supply of the drugs that led to his death. The supply of narcotics, precisely, is a federal crime.

The Chamber itself had opened the door to this approach in its decision last week, when it stated that “according to this qualification, and without prejudice to the degree of competition due to the close connection with the other crimes under investigation committed in the same space and time, the Court should rule on the issue of material competence in the case”.

“Therefore, being obliged to rule in accordance with the decision of the Superior Court, following the guidelines set forth in the aforementioned decision and having complied with the urgent proceedings ordered (the implementation of the electronic anklet, the communication of the prohibition to leave the country and the seizure), I will have to declare the lack of jurisdiction of the Court in this case, I will have to declare the incompetence of this Court to continue intervening in this case and I will have to send it, consequently and without further procedure, to the Drawing Office of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court of Appeals” so that the new court for the case may be chosen, Galletti agreed.

Francisco Sáenz Valiente

Francisco Sáenz Valiente

Saenz Valiente was indicted by Chamber VI of the Criminal and Correctional Chamber last week. The letter of the qualification was the key. The prosecutors in the case, Santiago Vismara and Mariela Labozzetta, after appealing the lack of merit dictated by Judge Martín del Viso, had withdrawn their proposal of femicide and asked that the mining and agricultural businessman be prosecuted for abandonment of person followed by death, with a sentence of 25 years.

Finally, Court VI decided to prosecute him without preventive imprisonment “as a perpetrator of the crime of gratuitous supply of narcotics, in ideal concurrence with facilitating a place for their consumption, in ideal concurrence with culpable homicide, in real concurrence with illegitimate possession of a weapon for conditional civil use”, according to the ruling accessed by Infobae.

Thus, the businessman was forbidden to leave the country and ordered to be fitted with an electronic anklet to monitor him. The charge for the weapon points to the Escort shotgun found in the raids.

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