How to Bypass the New York Times Paywall and Access Unlimited Articles for Free

Below, you will find a step-by-step procedure to successfully bypass the New York Times paywall. It is crucial to follow each process meticulously to ensure its effectiveness.

For nearly eight years, the New York Times has implemented a metered paywall, which has sparked attempts by readers to circumvent it. While the newspaper has achieved tremendous success in attracting millions of paid digital subscribers, it didn’t take long for individuals to discover a relatively straightforward method to bypass the New York Times paywall.

From Github Undoubtedly, this is the most effective approach. Referencing Github:

The NYTimes has recently updated its paywall, incorporating a slightly more sophisticated design. The content is no longer concealed behind a large, transparent div; instead, it is completely removed from the page. Nevertheless, overcoming this obstacle remains simple. By utilizing adblock plus or your preferred adblocking tool, block the following URLs: :// :// By following these steps, you will achieve the desired outcome.

1. The Standard Method

Simply navigate to the address bar and delete the URL that commences with “&gwh=”. Afterward, reload the page.

Alternatively, it is remarkably convenient to create a bookmark in your browser that clears NYT cookies. Click on this bookmark whenever you exhaust your article limit, and voila! You gain access to 20 additional free articles.

2. Bypassing the New York Times Paywall and Reading Unlimited Articles for Free using JavaScript

By disabling JavaScript on the website, you can effortlessly bypass the payment requirement. This method has proven successful for me on the New York Times and Economist sites.

3. Access via Library

Subscribe to the Sunday-only printed newspaper delivery, which includes bundled digital access. Then, place the newspaper delivery on vacation hold for three months. Repeat this process every three months.

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