Debate has swirled around WoW faction associations ever since ceremony was enabled in Shadowlands patch 9.2.5, Eternity’s End. As MMORPG fans get used to blurring the lines between the Alliance and the Horde, I asked producing director Pat Dawson whether or not we would look at adding the feature.

While I live a lot on the gang side of life, I have friends who prefer to be on the straight and narrow road. When I asked Dawson if Blizzard was considering a cross-factional guild system to allow players from each faction to meet in a more formal way, he told me, “It’s a much-requested feature. That’s something we’re definitely looking at.”

Clarifying that he “has nothing to announce on that” at this time, he adds: “I think as the system evolves, you’ll see incremental changes over time: first there were cross-faction raids, then cross-faction instance. The next iteration What only changed with the release of Dragonflight is the tapping between factions, so this is the second part.

“Then we’ll see what’s next and what’s next after that, and eventually moving towards a world where we’re looking to do something [cross faction guilds] in the future, but there’s nothing I can share in terms of a timeline. ”

Either way, it seems pretty positive to me. While there have been issues with the new tapping system since its release, the cross-action changes have been largely met with positive feedback, or at least obscurity, since you don’t have to enable it if you don’t want to.

As the game continues to evolve, I expect cross-faction guilds to show up sooner rather than later, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t inspire me to try an Alliance character once. . I played my Wrath Of The Lich King Classic WoW Preview as Draenei Death Knight and I didn’t Hate This, such strange things have happened.

For now, though, I’ll continue to play WoW Dragonflight with the best WoW addons in mind. If you’ve been flying around the dragon isles looking for glyphs to improve your dragon riding like I have, we’ve got a list of all the WoW Dragonflight dragon glyph locations right here for you.

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