A few weeks after the premiere of Black Panther 2, it was revealed that some important scenes were removed from the version that hit theaters.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever is a blockbuster. While it is still in theaters, the tape meant the perfect closure for the fourth phase of Marvel Studios. As we all know it was a great tribute to the memory of the late actor Chadwick Boseman. But the film went much further allowing us to connect with a good number of characters, both new and with some we already knew. Black Panther 2 is a great story that handles its elements very well.

However, the history of Wakanda is very rich and it is natural that in the face of a production of this caliber, many details are left out. Much has been said about the duration of Wakanda Forever, which finally ended in two hours and forty-one minutes. It even remained as one of the longest running movies within the MCU. But there are many rumors and information that speaks of extended versions or deleted scenes. And it seems that some of these scenes contributed a lot to the story.

This is the description of the deleted scenes of Black Panther 2

In a conversation with SFX, Black Panther Wakanda Forever editor Michael P. Shawver discussed the scenes that were cut from this sequel. Shawver confirmed that a previous cut of the film clocked in at four and a half hours. He even points out that many of the outtakes involved underwater sequences that would have strengthened the bond between Shuri and Riri Williams:

There were large parts that we had to remove before anyone saw the film. Shuri and Riri are very unique in terms of being two of the brightest minds in the MCU and seeing them bond was important.

However, these sequences were eliminated due to the rhythm that the tape had to follow:

But the tape needed to move and Shuri had to go back to her mother. We ended up deciding that Riri would be more of a part of the plan to capture Namor.

Shawver confirms that another deleted scene featured Okoye. In said scene, the recently demoted Okoye sought to save Shuri but was hindered by her former allies from the Dora Milaje. In fact, the scene is shown in the preview of the film:

I feel good talking about this scene because there is a shot of it in the first trailer where Okoye has her spear raised and the Dora Milaje threaten her with their spears. I won’t say what happens in case she is included in the deleted scenes on its home release, but it was great. She was Wakanda at night, you saw the urban passage late at night and this former general facing her former sisters.

Although the film fully complies, there is always a question about what would have happened if these scenes had been included in the final cut. Especially in the case of Okoye, who found herself in the predicament of facing her lifelong companions. But possibly the movie worked better the way it was finally released.

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