After a video went viral in which Belinda is hugged and touched inappropriately by a fan during one of her concerts in Guanajuato, the singer breaks her silence and talks about this situation.

Belinda breaks the silence

The singer was very empathetic with her fan, because even though he hurt her back and for many who have seen the clip he touched her inappropriately, the young woman assured that it was just another token of affection.

“I love my fans and I can say that he did not do it with bad intentions,” said the actress, who acknowledged that the young man squeezed her very hard and hurt her back, but this did not warrant a trip to the doctor.

“It was just back pain from the strong squeeze, but nothing more. I’m fine,” said the actress, who was captured at the Mexico City International Airport, trying to go unnoticed in the crowd.

Here’s what happened

A video of Belinda’s performance at the Strawberry Fair in Leon, Guanajuato state, is circulating on social networks. From one moment to another you can see that a fan, in an apparent state of drunkenness, interrupts the presentation and throws himself against the singer.

Although he almost threw her, the singer of “Amor a primera vista” and “Ángel” asked her follower to calm down to avoid being removed from the event by security personnel. Fans celebrated the singer’s reaction.

This is how she reacts to the statements of her ex’s girlfriend

The Spanish-Mexican singer traveled to Los Angeles to give a series of concerts, but before leaving, she was questioned about the statements made by Cazzu, current partner of her ex Christian Nodal, in which she revealed that she is his fan and admires his work.

Belinda kindly responded that she loves the Argentinean’s work, and that “she is beautiful.”

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