April 22 (Global Web Wire)- In the entertainment world, ending a relationship starts another phase, during which many people expect you to have an opinion on everything that happens in your ex’s life. An example of this is Belinda and Christian Nodal.

Since their breakup, the cameras have followed their separate paths with great interest, occasionally asking about each other. This time, Belinda’s turn was to comment on her ex-partner’s most recent achievement: Christian Nodal will be a dad.

Before a concert at the San Marcos Fair, Aguas Calientes, the Mexican (and Spanish) singer, went out to meet her fans who were already waiting for her, taking advantage of the moment to bring them water.

Some reporters asked her opinion about the new family that Cazzu, Christian Nodal, and the new baby are about to start.

Belinda speaks on camera about Nodal’s new partner’s pregnancy

In addition to celebrating the new step in her ex’s life, Belinda also took the opportunity to share a request with the press in general.

“A baby is a great blessing,” she began, “I ask you please, I do want to ask you and I take advantage of this camera to say that you should not ask me again about past issues.”

Belinda prefers not to comment on Nodal’s life for her comfort but also to avoid getting involved in the life that he, Cazzu, and a baby on the way now form.

“Life goes on, people have their life, and I don’t think I have to mention anyone out of respect for the new family,” Belinda said.

She also wished them the best in the world and reiterated that a new baby in the couple is a blessing.

In early 2022, the news of the breakup between Christian Nodal and Belinda surprised fans of both artists, who, for more than a year, had shared their relationship on social networks and even made public plans to get married.

While Christian Nodal has used the momentum of the breakup to start a new phase in his career, with lyrics and songs that directly reference his ex, Belinda has preferred to keep her distance.

Both are working on their careers with different presentations throughout the country, with the relationship they had until a year ago firmly in the past.

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