Greetings and salutations, fellow gamers! We present to you the most recent BDO Tier List for February 2023 – the highly sought-after Black Desert Online Tier List. We extend our gratitude to u/PruimBDO, who generously shared this valuable list with the Reddit community of the game.

Now, let us dive into the highly-anticipated BDO Tier List 2023 – the Black Desert Online Tier List 2023!

This tier list is determined based on players with maximum gear (71Ogst) and full dlass potential (skillcap) in the following game modes:

  • Skirmish – organized fights with 2v2 to 5v5 players.
  • Small Scale – Open World PvP brawls, RBF small chaotic GvGs.
  • Large Scale – Node Wars and Large GvGs.

BDO Tier List 2023

Here are the top 3 BDO classes in the Tier List 2023:


The Musa class is a highly skilled swordsman that utilizes a Blade as their main weapon and a Horn Bow as their secondary weapon. Upon reaching level 56, Musa’s awakening weapon, the Crescent Blade, will be unlocked.

Awakening Musa – With the Crescent Sword in hand, Awakened Musa unleashes a flurry of graceful cutting motions that strike with immense force. He still maintains his agility and mobility, but with much more devastating swings than before. Musa can now crash through enemy lines and overpower everything that stands in his way. While his new skills may be a bit tricky to master, the power that they bring is definitely worth the wait.

Succession Musa – After Succession, Musa uses a Blade and a Horn Bow to slaughter his enemies brutally. His blade’s swing is much sharper now and deals massive damage, breaking through the cycle of karma from his past. He confuses his opponents with rapid steps before delivering the final blow with Stamina. Every attack with the Blade and Horn Bow slays his foes, giving him total control of the battlefield.


Berserkers wield a war ax in each hand and use a variety of grips to halt their opponents’ movements. Their huge axes eviscerate opponents with ease, and their grabs ensure that they remain a constant threat to anyone in their path.

Awakening Berserker – With the Iron Buster, Berserkers can fire at their enemies from a distance, posing a greater threat to their opponents. Not only can they deal massive damage, but they can also jump high into the air and crash down upon their enemies. The Iron Buster’s blast also allows them to launch themselves across the battlefield, instilling fear into even the toughest foes. Like Sorceresses, Berserkers bring chaos to the field with their mere presence.

Succession Berserker – With his Axe and Ornamental Knot, Succession Berserker annihilates his foes. Unlike Tantu, who relied on the Iron Buster to compensate for his technical shortcomings, Berserker now focuses on self-improvement. His incredible strength and muscle allow him to take on enemy attacks on the frontlines, both as an offensive and defensive player, safeguarding his comrades. If you show any weakness in front of the Berserker, his devastating assaults will leave you demoralized.


Sorceress is a mysterious class that wields dark magic with the help of an Amulet and Talisman. By closing the distance between herself and her opponents, she deceives and confuses them, striking them hard before retreating just as quickly. This increases her survival chances while constantly disrupting her opponents. She is harder to play than other classes, but she is much more effective in combat.

Awakening Sorceress – With her gigantic two-handed scythe, Awakened Sorcer

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