Battlefield 2042 does not give up. Both Electronic Arts and DICE are convinced to continue insisting on the latest installment of the war saga despite the bad start it had last year and, in the middle of season 3, it presents us with a new special event that will take players to compete in multiplayer battles for three weeks.

In the video you have on these lines you can see a first look at the Battle of Nordvik, an event that has also been detailed on the official EA blog and which we are told will offer players a completely different experience. The key is that it will last three weeks, from December 20 to January 10, and we will have three different types of combat.

he first date, dubbed Conquest Assault, offers a 32v32 battle focused on ground warfare. The second week will activate a 16 vs 16 mode that is based on the Conquest game mode. Finally, during the third week the final conflict will take place: a war between 128 players (on next-generation consoles and PC) much more intense than the previous ones. We leave you the dates of each of the three parts:

  • Conquest Raid: December 20-27, 2022
  • Retaliation: December 27, 2022 to January 3, 2023
  • Breakthrough Chaos: January 3-10, 2023

We leave you below the official description of the event offered by the game managers themselves:

“When Nordvik’s secret alliance with the West is exposed, Eastern forces retaliate with an aggressive siege of this remote facility in the Swedish wilderness. Join the Nordvik Control Corps or Black Storm Regiment in this dispute over the power for three weeks, marking a turning point in the global conflict between the two superpowers.

The battle continues in 2023

As we mentioned at the beginning, EA and DICE are not giving up on Battlefield 2042, which they now consider to be a very good game after its disastrous launch last year. Looking ahead to 2023, the philosophy is to continue trying to reconcile with shooter fans and veterans of the saga, and for this reason its seasons 4 and 5 will have references to previous installments of which the community has better memories.

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