Elon Musk’s social network is having a horrible year in the form of falling shares, layoffs, user numbers and profitability. Today we add a new chapter; Twitter’s source code leak.

Twitter Source Code leaked on GitHub

As The New York Times has discovered, a hacker has leaked the source code of the Twitter app on GitHub, which not only represents a theft to the company but also enormous dangers to the integrity of user accounts as attackers will be able to see the existing vulnerabilities of the platform.

Source code is a set of files containing the steps or instructions with a specific language that a machine (computer) must follow in order to execute or display a program. In other words, it is the code that generates the format and allows an app like Twitter to have the functions and tools it has.

The leakage of this type of code is very dangerous, since another of its characteristic aspects is that it shows the vulnerabilities of an app. The situation at Twitter is quite complicated, since the code was leaked on GitHub, a developer forum accessible to everyone.

Twitter has already denounced the facts and has handed over all the information they have for the authorities to find the person behind the leak who hides behind the alias “FreeSpeechEnthusiast.”

Twitter is in danger

After being aware of the complaint and the situation, GitHub removed from its platform the forum where the Twitter source code was published, however, we do not know the number of people who accessed and even downloaded that code, so the danger may be very great.

Now, the social network must protect itself and fix the vulnerabilities it has, but this is also complicated, since Twitter’s workforce is very small after the numerous cuts made by Elon Musk’s administration in all sectors of the company.

As a user there is not much more to do than to look out for any abnormal activity on your account and if so, notify both the company and local authorities, as your personal information could be being compromised.

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