What is “Pearling”, a practice that Babo applied on his penis to increase the pleasure of his partners?

The rapper learned about this technique from his friends in prison in the United States, and decided to apply it with his own design.

The famous MC Babo, Mexican rapper and founder of Cartel de Santa, reported that one of his many modifications, in addition to his tattoos, are subdermal implants in his penis.

It is a technique called Pearling, where small incisions are made on the surface of the penis shaft, where small beads, also called pearls, are inserted under the skin.

“This blabber is called Pearling, it is about lifting the skin of the penis, you go through it and insert a marble, made of pearl, Teflon. When the mother gets erect, you look at the marbles all the time”, was what he explained in the heat of the interview with the influencers Luisito Comunica and Juan Bertheau.

Luisito communicates and Babo

Luisito communicates and Babo (Photo: Instagram@luisitocomunica)

This technique aims to increase sexual pleasure in male partners during penetration, as these pearls can stimulate mainly the clitoris.

For Babo’s case, he revealed, he made his own design before venturing into the Pearling experience. According to his testimony, he has six marbles, as well as a pair of “ribs” or ribs, same that would work as follows:

“The top marbles are when you are in frontal positions with the brunette, they stimulate the g-spot. When you are in positions where the bitch is facing away from you, the bottom three also hit the g-spot. The ribs, or ribs, are on the edges of the penis, to stimulate the woman’s inner lips,” said the singer-songwriter.

This technique, he said, was known thanks to his friends who were imprisoned in the United States, where this type of genital modifications are made, although in an austere way.

However, it was until 2010, approximately, that he decided to wear the pearls, after his friends warned him that it was a pleasant experience.

This kind of technique is not easy to practice and, in addition, it can have several complications if it does not heal well, including the rejection of the pearls.

In addition, the healing process could also present infections, bleeding, as well as the movement or migration of the pearls, or the appearance of diseases or erectile dysfunction, according to health experts.

This experience happened to Babo, named Eduardo Dávalos de Luna, who assured that the main recommendation was two months without having sex, which he did not comply with and, as a consequence, one of the marbles moved, but after going to an expert, everything was fixed.

But that was not all in her process, as one of the most difficult was learning how to use these pearls to give her partners increased pleasure.

“The next thing was learning how to use it. Learning how to make the marbles rub where they should, because that’s why I put them that way. It’s just learning which part of the penis should be rubbing,” he confirmed.

Luisito Comunica traveled to the city of Monterrey to meet with the musician on a very special day: 4/20, that is, April 20, the date on which traditionally for some years the fight for the legalization of marijuana has been celebrated.

“Thanks for your good vibes, capo. How cool that we were able to meet Babo on 4/20,” wrote Luisito on his social networks; for his part, the Perros singer wrote something very similar on Instagram: “A different 420 with Luisito Comunica”.

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