ASUS ZenBook 17 Fold OLED

Hello Readers, imagine a desktop monitor that you can fold and use as a laptop, with half screen as a display and the other half as a keyboard. Yes, we are talking about the World’s first folding laptop called the ASUS ZenBook 17 Fold OLED.

First thing first, since it as a folding device, so how is the durability here? Well, ASUS has taken the certification of Military Grade Standards (MIL STD 810) and materials being used on this laptop did feel very premium to us. We could feel materials like Magnesium, Aluminum, and alloy all over the laptop. It gives a very premium in-hand feel. And there is glass being used every here and there.

The back side has a delicate leather texture, it contains a durable stand through which you can use the foldable laptop in its entirety; like a desktop. ASUS claims that the laptop can be folded and unfolded a whooping 30,000 times. During our 15 days (about 2 weeks) usage of this laptop, there was never a lack of confidence in folding and unfolding the laptop, it felt exceptionally durable.

If you fold it and use a keyboard, it feels like a portable laptop, it weights 1.8 KG with the keyboard. And if you do not use the keyboard, it then weights 1.5 KG. Keep in mind that the laptop can be used only in landscape mode if you use the back side stand.


Talking about the ports, the laptop boasts 2 thunderbolt 4.0 ports, one at top side and the other at right. After using the laptop for 10 days for various tasks, we felt that wish it had one more port, it would fulfill all our requirements. Though we do feel that even two ports on a device like this is praiseworthy, maybe it was too difficult for ASUS to put one more port here.


Moving on to the keyboard, the keyboard really blew our minds, what a delicate keyboard Asus has given here, it is just too slim, it gets attached to the laptop magnetically. The response of the keys is good. The trackpad in the keyboard is quite big, it gets connected through Bluetooth, still we did not encounter any latency problem. Talking precisely about the battery backup of the keyboard, we had to charge it in every 3 days which is good.


Now, coming to the mesmerizing display, the moment you unfold the laptop, you get a beautiful 17.3-inches OLED display which comes with a 2K resolution, having such a display in a laptop is an extraordinary thing. And if you do not have the need to use the big screen, you want a more portable setup, then just attach the keyboard and the display will become a 12.5-inch OLED display running on a resolution of 1080P.

The display has a max brightness of 500 NITS which is beneficial from every point of view, it appears very neat and bright in any kind of lighting condition. And the best part is that it supports 100% DCI – P3 and has the pantone verification, so the color accuracy it gives is unbelievable.


Let us talk about the battery, the laptop sports a 75-Watt Hour battery which charges at the max power of 65 Watt. Talking from our personal experience, we were getting a battery backup of one and half day. We do a lot of research and writing work, so our laptop was running for the entire day. So, this kind of battery backup on such a working environment is worth every praise.


Let us talk about the performance at last, the laptop has the latest Intel i7 12th gen processor, this processor comes with total 10 cores, out of which 2 are for performance and the other 8 for efficiency. And the most mind-blowing part is that the laptop has a base power of 9W, so it is an efficient laptop.

Another interesting part is that the laptop has a 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM which runs on 5200 MHZ, but the 1 TB SSD this laptop boasts, it gives some mind-blowing speeds. The 1 TB SSD gives a reading speed of 7000 Mbps, therefore the laptop easily performs any multitasking work.

In our 10 days of heavy usage, the laptop did not slow down even a bit, so you can blindly consider getting it for your daily multitasking work.

Overall, this laptop is a powerhouse. Powerhouse of innovation and efficiency. The beauty it beholds as a folding laptop with OLED display, once you use it, you will know what kind of power it beholds from the inside.

Did you like this folding laptop concept from ASUS? Let us know in the comments!

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