Aroma Shooter – Current technological developments have helped many people’s daily lives in various sectors. Even things that are considered unimportant have also been made by technology today. One of them is all the tools where you can smell wangy in a movie, game or maybe your favorite waifu wangy.

Whoa, are you serious? Instead of being confused and curious, let’s find out together!

Aroma Shooter, a Tool that Can Make You Smell the Fragrance of Your Waifu

Aromajoin Aroma Shooter

Aromajoin Aroma Shooter

The tool is called Aroma Shooter made by Aromajoin. The tool is a deodorizer which is claimed to be “The world’s first video media augmentation device” with a way of working similar to an air freshener. This tool uses a kind of “solid-sate” cartridge that can create an aroma that can be adjusted with digital technology.

Aroma Player

Then there is another tool called Aroma Player which has a necklace-like design that you can wear around your neck. This tool can be installed with an Aroma Cartridge which has a variety of aromas available and then connected to the device via Bluetooth.

Fragrance that can be adjusted to the video watched

Aroma Shooter Wangy Waifu

Based on the videos they released, this tool works by detecting videos on their official website. The videos have some kind of detector set to emit the aroma that comes from both Aromajoin’s devices.

You yourself can make a video with aroma settings according to your own taste on their official website. The video used can be taken from Youtube, then you can set the scent for a certain duration with the various scents provided in the Cartridge, starting from Orange, Dark Chocolate, Peppermint, Floral Soap, Perfume, and Natural Forest.

Or maybe mix them with each other to make it more compatible, especially with the fragrant aroma of your waifu character.

Aroma Shooter

It is not known whether this tool can also work in video games, but from the video above it is also shown that the tool can work when using VR.

That’s information about Aroma Shooter which can make you smell your favorite waifu fragrance. Are you interested in buying this sophisticated tool?

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