Anya Forger comes to life in fantastic SPY x FAMILY cosplay

Spy x Family character Anya Forger comes to the real world with a cosplay that captures her unique personality.

Anya Forger, with her inimitable spirit, has burst into our reality, wielding a charming cosplay that reminds us that life is not all about hardship and sadness.

The little red-haired spy has made it clear that she is always ready to provoke laughter and this innovative homage to the main character of Spy x Family is just a proof of that.

Global Web Wire tells you that talented cosplayer _claaa__ has showcased her remarkable version of Anya on Instagram, sporting the uniform of the respected Eden Academy, an institution that Anya had a hard time getting into.

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Kawaii cosplay of Anya from SPY x FAMILY

Kawaii cosplay of Anya from SPY x FAMILY

Despite not being the valedictorian of her class, her quirky and sometimes aggressive personality has caught everyone’s attention, now giving a glimpse of the young telepath’s more adorable side.

In this cosplay of Anya Forger the cheerful red-haired spy could not miss the chance to show us one of her characteristic gestures, which evidence her mischievous character.

The beloved anime series of the Forger family has recently given us a preview of the second season of SPY x FAMILY, releasing two splendid illustrations made by the animation studios Wit and CloverWorks, who are in charge of the adaptation.

The second season will hit our screens this coming fall, while the long-awaited first movie of the saga will make its debut in Japanese theaters in late 2023.

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What is Anya Forger’s age?

Anya is presented to us as an elementary school-aged girl, suggesting that her age could range from 6 to 10 years old. However, Anya Forger’s age is simply a guess based on her appearance and demeanor.

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