Who was Antonio Matouk, the person who took over Pedro Infante’s inheritance?

The “Ídolo Inmortal” trusted completely in the decisions made by his manager, since he helped his fame to grow.

Most of Pedro Infante’s properties did not pass to his children, as happens when a person dies, but became part of the wealth of Antonio Matouk, a businessman who left car sales to become the Immortal Idol’s right-hand man.

Antonio Matouk was known by Pedro Infante’s fans as the Fraudster of the Century, because he was not only one of the people in whom the singer trusted completely, but he also took him to make decisions with which he managed to keep almost all of his fortune after the tragic accident that took the singer’s life.


Infante preferred that Matouk take charge of most of his decisions for fear of making mistakes with his career (Photo: Instagram/@pedro_infante_official)

It was 1949 when Pedro went to a place where they sold used cars, because he wanted to buy a vehicle that would fit what he needed being a star starting one of his best times, specifically, a Cadillac that he had only seen in that place.

According to María Luisa León, the actor’s first wife, when Infante returned from the car lot he looked very happy, so he told his partner that he had met a “really nice person”.

His name was Antonio Matouk Mansour, he was in the automobile business and the lot where Pedro went belonged to him and a partner. He was very kind to the interpreter of Amorcito Corazón, he helped him to get to know some vehicles in depth and this allowed them to have a very good conversation.

Some time after they met, the relationship they had established was so good and the protagonist of Tizoc: Amor Indio had realized Matouk’s abilities in business, that he asked him to be his manager.

By 1950 Antonio had already become the manager of the most profitable actor of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and was in charge of reevaluating every work in which the actor had participated.

All of Pedro’s tapes and songs took on a new force with this, as Antonio felt it was necessary to make Infante start charging more than triple what he was being paid, as the Sinaloan did not know how he should be paid.

Pedro, noticing that with his manager he was earning much more than he had ever imagined, decided to leave most of the important decisions of his career in his hands, as he was in charge of reviewing contracts and all kinds of documents that had to do with his properties, cars and finances.

Matouk never disliked the idea, on the contrary, he took almost absolute control of the life of the Ídolo de Guamúchil, and even recommended some things to him, such as not giving away properties to his family or loved ones, which Infante always followed to the letter.

Although it is true that with Antonio Matouk’s help, Pedro managed to increase his fortune and his relationships with big production companies, at the time of Pedro’s death, he was the one who took possession of all the singer’s properties and luxuries, since he was one of the only ones who knew the legal status of everything the singer had acquired.

When the news spread on April 15, 1957 that Pedro Infante died in an accident while flying from Merida to Mexico City, Antonio quickly began to put the Idol’s houses in his name, leaving his children with no inheritance.

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