The new year has just begun and without a doubt it looks very promising for video game lovers. We mean this not only because of the games that will debut in the coming months, but also because of the reveal of unannounced games. Among the companies that look set to be a buzz this year is ATLUS, which is gearing up to unveil an entirely new game, but might be forgetting about a promising RPG it announced a while ago.

As part of the year-end celebrations, Famitsu carried out its traditional article with messages from Japanese video game companies. Of course, ATLUS and SEGA were not left out, but took the opportunity to thank the fans and talk a bit about their plans for 2023.

ATLUS will make new game announcements
The Japanese subsidiary of SEGA shared a trailer that alludes to the rabbit, an animal that will star this year according to the zodiac. The interesting thing is that as part of the message ATLUS revealed that this “several unannounced titles” (via Gematsu).

This is undoubtedly excellent news, since fans of this company could expect the announcement of a Japanese-style game and most likely of the RPG genre, be it Persona 6 or a rumored remake, a new VanillaWare project or, why not , a new Etrian Odyssey.

But where is the forgotten Project Re Fantasy?

However, once again the absence of Project Re Fantasy draws the attention of fans with a good memory. This promising RPG was announced just 1 year after the release of Persona 5, precisely in 2017, so technically ATLUS would not be referring to this project.

To put it in context, Persona 5 Royal has since been released, as well as the musou Persona 5 Strikers, and in a few days Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3: Portable will debut.

Apparently ATLUS had so much faith in Project Re Fantasy that one of its characters even appeared in Etrian Odyssey X. However, there was undoubtedly some downside afterwards, as ATLUS hasn’t shared any substantial development news on this brand new franchise.

Given the secrecy surrounding Project Re Fantasy, it could even be expected that SEGA’s “Super Game” will debut earlier. In the fateful and worst-case scenario, Project Re Fantasy ends up being cancelled, although we doubt it if we take into account that in 2020 SEGA assured that its development had reached its climax.

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