Kick has become the hot topic among streamers around the world. At a time when dissatisfaction with Twitch is quite high, this new alternative seeks to attract big streamers by offering a much more favorable split of subscription revenue.

One of Kick’s owners, Trainwreck, claimed a few days ago that six major signings were on the horizon and rumors have been swirling, with names such as Asmongold, Dr. Disrespect, xQC and Kai Cenat being linked to it.

The one who did speak out on the matter has been Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, one of Twitch’s biggest names. Although her regular numbers are not as spectacular as others, her influence is undeniable and her actions have a lot of repercussion.

In an interview, Amouranth has talked about the possibility of broadcasting on Kick, stressing that it is something she would be open to for a certain amount of money. However, she also made it clear that it would not be, in any case, with exclusivity, as it would be compatible with Twitch.

The platform still has certain reputational problems, as it has been criticized on various issues, such as broadcasting the Superbowl without having the rights to attract viewers or the broadcast of pornography.

Hence her refusal to broadcast exclusively on Kick in the event of starting her adventure on the platform. However, she leaves the door open to the possibility that it could happen in the future if Kick’s reputation improves and it begins to be better regarded in general.

What is holding her back to begin with is that she is afraid of the reprisals that Twitch might face if she makes the purple platform compatible with its competitor. Although the exclusivity that was common a few months ago is no longer extended, she believes that Twitch could look for excuses to ban her more easily.

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